The main results achieved in this project are:

li_94Saving 50% of the integrated plant’s operating costs compared to a traditional bio-digestion plant and a thermo-chemical reactor operating independently.
li3_94100% valorisation of the digestate generated in the anaerobic process.
li4_94Recovery of more than 90% of the phosphorus contained in the digestate as a slow release fertilizer (struvite), which offers as advantages the reduction of toxicity to plants and nitrogen losses to the soil.
li_94100% valorisation of sub-products generated during pyrolysis of non-recyclable wastes as carbon pellets and bio-fuels.
li2_94100% energy valorisation of gaseous streams (biogas and syngas) in a co-generator engine.
li2_94100% reduction of the environmental impact associated with landfill disposal of non-recyclable fraction proceeding from waste treatment plants.

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