Several Actions will lead to the design and construction of the Mixed Plant prototype, proving the technical viability of the process and confirming it as a sustainable solution for the management of a broad spectrum of wastes. These Actions are the following:

list-revawaste Selection and characterization of representative samples of waste in order to determine the optimum treatment conditions.

li4_32Waste pre-treatment to improve the recycling and valorisation conditions.

li3_32Definition of the logistic aspects and storage conditions in the Mixed Plant.

li2_32Optimisation of the operating conditions in the anaerobic digestion process to obtain a higher biogas production during the treatment of biodegradable organic waste streams.

list-revawaste Optimisation of the operating conditions in the low-temperature pyrolysis process (thermochemical treatment), when the non-recyclable plastic waste fraction is treated, to obtain a higher gas production that will be used as fuel together with the biogas.

list-revawaste Valorisation of the digestate generated during the anaerobic digestion process as a slow-release fertilizer (crystallisation as struvite).

list-revawaste Valorisation of the solid and liquid fractions generated during the pyrolysis process as carbon pellets and second generation bio-fuels.

list-revawaste Integration of the individual energy and matter flows in order to reduce energy consumption and achieve a more sustainable process.

During the project the environmental and socioeconomic impact of the proposed actions will be also evaluated. Furthermore, the life cycle approach (LCA) will be introduced in the integrated process with the aim of achieving a better management of the target wastes, saving energy and improving the environmental standards. Thus, REVAWASTE will minimise the environmental impact of all these actions and will give recommendations about how to manage different waste streams in a proper way, allowing authorities to improve competitiveness of environmental rules.

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